Handicap Accessibility Renovations to Increase Mobility in the Home

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During our lifetime, many of us will experience at least a temporary disability. Accidents and life happen; and as a homeowner you could find yourself using a wheelchair or a walker for a multitude of reasons. But, there are ways to increase mobility and handicap accessibility within the home to make your or your loved one’s living situation a more enjoyable one. At WSL, we specialize in handicap accessibility in Perry County and we have years of experience providing barrier-free living environments for a variety of clients. As the trusted name in handicap accessibility, we would like to provide a list of ways services like ours can help make any room in the home more accessible.

handicap accessibility

What makes a home handicap and wheelchair accessible? For starters, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens should allow the freedom of movement free from narrow doors or steps. Counters and cupboards should provide easy access and the ability to get into or out of the home without obstacles can all make a home a better environment.

In the Kitchen

There are several updates that can be performed to allow room for a wheelchair to turn around and include a countertop equipped for handicap accessibility. Counter tops can be lowered, sinks can be replaced and electric receptacles and switches can be moved to the front of the counter or cabinet to allow for easy access.

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms can be modified or redesigned for walker and wheelchair access. Modifications to bathrooms will help avoid injury and is our most requested service. Toilets can be replaced with special units or raised seats can be installed. Bathtubs, showers and faucets can also be replaced for increased handicap accessibility.

Hallways, Doors & More

Doors and hallways should be widened for wheelchair and walker access. And, usually light switches must be relocated and made accessible to the individual’s requirement.
Here are some of the most common handicap accessibility modifications we provide:

  • Remodeling kitchens to be more efficient and accessible
  • Creating first-floor bathrooms
  • Remodeling bathrooms with ADA showers/tubs and roll under vanities
  • Installing chair lifts
  • Widening doorways for easier wheelchair or walker mobility
  • Installing home elevators
  • And more

At WSL, we also design and construct new home builds that will allow you to stay in the same home as you age. The new build would have wider hallways, 36in doors, no steps, allow for use of wheelchair mobility in the bathroom if needed. They also include low plush carpet or hard surfaces for easy mobility in wheel chairs.

As a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, we will do our best to make home modifications that will fit your needs, both now and in the future. Contact our handicap accessibility experts in Perry County today! Give WSL Inc. a call at 717-582-3423 or contact us via email.