Remodeling Trend Alert! Incorporating Refurbished Items in Your Home Remodel

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When it comes to designing a home or remodel, there are so many unique design avenues to go down. That’s why it’s a good idea to do some research to learn your likes and dislikes. One of the hottest trends right now is using refurbished items to create a custom, one-of-a-kind look. As home remodeling experts in New Bloomfield, we’ve come up with some top projects to consider. At WSL Incorporated, we are a trusted full service design and building company with a pulse on today’s hottest trends in interior design. So learn about a few unique options in design, start getting inspired, and let us know how we can make your home remodeling dreams come true!

Reclaimed Wood

This trend has been around for some time and is still holding steady. The material offers a nod to both farmhouse and industrial style trends. You can use reclaimed wood for your next home remodeling project  in places like a sliding door pantry, decorative beams, pillars and even kitchen island cladding.

Dresser to Kitchen Island

Remember that old dresser? It can actually make a beautiful new kitchen island! You can choose to remove the drawers entirely and create shelves to display your favorite kitchen items. Or, leave the drawers in and opt for a chic, colorful new paint job.  A new wood, metal, or other unique countertop will complete the transformation. This option is not just limited to the shabby-chic style. Many different looks can be accomplished for a unique design and conversation piece that really brings the whole room together. Just take a look at this beautiful dresser-to-kitchen-island recently installed in a local home!

Repurposed Mantel

Whenever you embark on a new home remodeling project, you are often left with some extra materials. Items such as cabinet doors or salvaged wood can create a beautiful new mantel for your fireplace. Paint the door or finish the wood for an entirely new look then finish with a decorative plate, artwork or candles.

Salvaged Office

Salvaged pallet wood or even old tool storage can be fashioned into a functional desk for your home office. With some refinishing and paint, you can take an old cupboard that’s been sitting in the woodshop for years and make it functional again. Cupboard drawers make for great storage and rustic wood pallet wood makes for a stylish workplace ready for anything from home gardening to homework.

And, these are just a few of the ways to make the old new again! Refurbished items create a timeless, eclectic look you’ll love.

For more home design trends like these or to learn more about home remodeling in New Bloomfield, call WSL Incorporated at 717-582-3423 or you can contact us.