Custom Builder Perry County

Custom Builder Perry CountySo many lots are out there, screaming to be dug up so that houses can be placed upon them. Homes continue to emerge, from the ground up as time passes. New housing developments keep showing up also–to replace the forests and farmland that once held sway in these parts. Or, there may just be lots existing of a more separate nature, scattered hither, also calling for a custom builder to build a house on them.

As a custom builder serving Perry County and points throughout Central PA, WSL Incorporated has built many custom homes for your associates, colleagues, contemporaries, friends and family. All you need is the land to put your new home on. If you need that, we can help there too!

From beginning to end, we tackle the entire construction process. We start with the design phase, move to the securing of a lot, gather requisite permits and then get to work. WSL is the custom builder for you! We can do it all, big down to small, when it comes to the custom home you covet. Call us now to get the process started.

What is stopping you from joining forces with a reputable custom builder such as WSL? Why, we even have property in place where you can build that custom home of your dreams! Take a look at some of the existing available lots that we have to offer.

Maybe those land rights are already secured. We will gladly build that custom house for you. You will get a thorough education in the steps towards having your home built from designing the home to permitting and excavating to the final touches prior to move-in day.

Custom Builder WSL Incorporated

Perry County offers a lot of forested and cleared land for home building, be what you seek private to within a development. Perry County’s proximity to the metropolis of Harrisburg offers a great opportunity for living an outdoorsy life, while pursuing the day-to-day of work, groceries and the like. If your passions are hunting and fishing, or simply hiking, Perry County is a great place to plant your roots! An honest and fair company, WSL Incorporated likes to operate hassle-free. Be sure to visit our gallery to take a look at some of the custom homes we have built for your friends and neighbors.

WSL Incorporated is an all-encompassing design and build company operating out of New Bloomfield, PA. For over three decades, we have been building affordable custom homes and conducting home renovations throughout central Pennsylvania. Our company offers professional project management services from the start of the design phase all the way through to the warranty services, containing our own staff of in-house designers that are here to create a customized plan for your next home.

Call us so we can tell you even more about all of the custom building benefits we can provide. We will then set up a time to meet to start going over your project.

Perry County Custom Builder

No matter what the size, budget or needs of your project, WSL Inc. will be with you every step of the way. We will make sure your project is completed to your satisfaction. For a custom builder serving Perry County and central PA, Contact us today to get an estimate on your construction project. Call 717-582-3423; we look forward to hearing from you!